Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our stateroom

Our state room was an ocean view on deck 3. The location was excellent as it was expertly chosen for us by Trish at All About Cruises in Burlington NC. When we first arrived aboard the Freedom of the Seas, we wanted to familiarize ourself with all of the pertinent locations. Naturally, finding the location of our room was early on the list. Our room no. was 3602, so we made our way to deck 3 to find our room. What we found was closed doors that would lead to the hallway where our room is located. They do not open the doors until the rooms are ready. Smart move, this reduces traffic and allows the room attendants to quickly get all of the rooms aboard the ship ready for the massive influx of passengers.

  When the time finally came, we excitedly rushed to our room to see what magnificent domain awaits our arrival! We open the door and walked into a closet with a port hole. I tried to find the rest of our room but was never successful ;-)

   The bed is two doubles pushed together to be a king. It is the only bed, so where is my Son going to sleep? Well, above the bed are two hidden doors in the ceiling that let down a bunk bed! Clever!

Storage is abundant in the very small room, it seemed that every nook had a drawer or shelf, even some that looked hidden. 

The bathroom is really really tiny! And special in its ways. The toilets are similar to an airline toilet, it uses a vacuum system to flush. You cannot use the popular moist wipes that I can't live without! But luckily it is only 2 steps to the shower and just lean over for the sink :-) 

  The shower is like being in a tube, there isn't much room. Don't drop the soap! There isn't any room to bend down and get it, it helps if you are proficient at Yoga, and I am not ;-)

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