Monday, June 29, 2015

Exploring Freedom Of The Seas

  Royal Caribbean Freedom of The Seas is the 3rd largest ship in the world, and is absolutely stunning!  There are 15 decks to navigate. The deck levels of a cruise ship are inverted to that of most hotels. On a cruise ship, you go down to get to your room, and up to go visit the outdoors and swimming pools. The lower decks are where you go to access some of the main venues, like main dining room on decks 3-5, and the promenade on deck 5, Casino on deck 4.
  There are plenty of elevators on the cruise ship, both forward and aft. I recommend taking the stairs whenever possible though, especially when there are so many wonderful dining options! The stairs are a great way to burn calories, plus there is some interesting things to see on each deck level.

   The Freedom of The Seas makes use of every inch of the ship. Entertainment happens constantly. They have a beautiful Theater in the forward section of the ship called Arcadia. We saw everything from magic shows to comedians in that theater, and all were fantastic. The only complaint I had was the fact that I couldn't get much info on the schedule from prior to the cruise. All venues schedules were delivered to your stateroom the night before. They printed the schedule on a paper called "The Compass" and was subtitled "Day 1", "Day 2" etc.. That can be a tiny bit confusing as you have to remember if Day 3 is Tuesday or Wednesday, you have so much fun it is easy to loose track of it all.

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