Sunday, June 28, 2015

Getting on the Freedom Of the Seas

Getting on a cruise ship that has just disembarked 4000 people and is now embarking 4000 people has got to be a daunting task! However, somehow Royal Caribbean has figured out a way to do it in a manner that does not emphasize the complexity of the procedure. As long as you have your Passport, have completed your checkin procedure online, and have it all organized, embarkation will be a breeze.
  Your luggage is dropped off when you exit your shuttle service, so bring necessities in your carry on luggage. We didn't need much, just our cameras and a few other items. If you are swimming, be sure to bring swimwear. Just remember that you will not get to your room till sometime after lunch and you will not have luggage until sometime that evening.
  Checking in was a very long line, as you can imagine. But it was a very fast moving line as well. Show your documentation, your boarding pass (called a SetSail Pass) you completed online, and your passports. The very nice people at the counter will take pictures of each of you then issue separate seapass cards. She will tie your credit card account to the seapass card so that everything you spend onboard will just require this roomkey/seapass card.
  Get or bring a lanyard! The ones they sell onboard are nice but the plastic pocket can fall apart easily. We had them punch a hole in our seapass then attached it directly to the lanyard.
  Now, go eat and explore! Get to know the ship now and be prepared to battle for your spot in the dining area for lunch. Just remain calm and patient.

Patience is the key to enjoying your trip! If you don't let the little things get to you, you will be very pleasantly surprised at how you feel inside!

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